Sunday, April 26, 2009


Just one week left until school is over for good! I'm glad to finally be done with most of my work. I finished all my liberal arts work today and it's the best to be done. Now I just need to deal with installing my big lint piece for the senior show on May 1st. Also I have to write a page for Bradley but that'll take 30 minutes tops.

The only reason I'm feeling anxious is because I can't get into the space we're having our show and start working. I have to wait. I only have to wait until tomorrow afternoon but I had to wait all weekend is the point. It's kind of nice to be forced to slow down and relax because there's nothing to be done about it. I just need to keep making lint all week and steadily install my piece so that I'm ready to go by Friday for my final crit. At first my crit was going to be on Tuesday! Luckily it was moved back because some things got messed up and moved around. Yay for me!

I have this nagging feeling like I have something more to do, but I think that's because for the last month I've been crazy busy and my brain hasn't caught up with the notion that there ISN'T anything left to do. So catch up with reality brain! I need to get some sleep.

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