Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I'm officially back to a size 13! That might sound big to some of you but keep in mind that I'm 5'11" and very broad in the hips. I have them baby birthing hips y'all. Mmmmm.

What was I saying? Oh right, size 13. Yeah. I had some problems with my weight, mostly due to being a depressed sack of shit. The depression was resolved and the weight started coming off. Yoga helped a lot. Since January I've lost probably 20 pounds. Over the course of my senior year I've lost something like 30 pounds (as long as I'm not all bloaty from monthly woman problems). I fit into size 13 pants again and I'm fucking thrilled! I went to Nordstrom today on the bus and damn did it feel good to buy pants there. So effing good. I got a little emotional. Losing weight is really, really nice. I'm really proud of myself for kicking the depression and getting off my ass.

The great part is that I never stopped eating candy or potato chips. I eat lots of junk food! I don't eat big portions though. And I usually have about two meals a day with some snacking in between. No dieting for me! All it took was being happy and doing yoga. I love yoga!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


More stuff from Denver. We've been having some really interesting weather. There was a funnel cloud downtown today, plus a little hail and some rain. The dark clouds come on so quickly. I was inside for maybe 30 minutes and it got crazy dark and cloudy. When I went into the shop it was sunny and bright. Danielle called me and told me about the funnel cloud and that if it came anywhere near the apartment that I should head to the ground floor and hang out in the stairwell. Thankfully it didn't come close and I was spared any panicky moments. No grabbing the dog and running down the stairs or anything like that. I don't even know what I would have done with the cats. There's no way I could have left my piggy though. I love my cat Orson but he's so wriggly and he hates being held for too long. Oh well, nothing happened to us so everything is good!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


The weather in Denver has been pretty crazy. Sun, hail, rain, tornado warnings, more rain, then some more sun. It's fun! Sarasota is just sun or rain. Sometimes the rain comes in the form of hurricanes but it's still just rain. I like the unpredictability!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Danielle gave me this new shirt as a late birthday/Christmas present! It has a CUPCAKE! I love cupcakes! Threadless shirts are the freaking best!

She had three shirts for me to choose from and of course I went for the cake. That was pretty obvious no?

I'm staying with Danielle and her boyfriend Mike at their place in Denver for the week. No more Sarasota for me. I had to leave my Honeybear behind. He's gonna stay in SRQ for the next two months doing stuff and saving up so that we can get our own place in Boston come August.

After this week I'm going back to Utah to hang with my mom and 18 year old brother until August. Hopefully I can get a job, or make enough resin stuff to get me through. I'm hoping to sell some stuff around Moab. It's a neat little hippie town so I'm sure there will be people to sell to. I'll hand out business cards and talk to the local consignment shops. There are lots of funky little shops with handmade stuff. There are plenty of little girls who love pink things too. Or maybe I'll get a job at the gas station. Whatever happens I just want to be able to save some money for the big move and to put down money for a new house/appartment.

Being in Denver is making me really excited to live in a big city! Boston is going to be a great adventure. Mostly I'll be glad to be reuninted with Jon. We could be in Alaska for all I care. I just want to see my baby again!

Friday, June 5, 2009


I just added some new items in my Etsy Shop! OOOOH I hear thunder! And it sure got dark outside! It's a good thing I took pictures of my stuff earlier when the sun was out. I hope it's not raining like mad when it's time to walk to yoga! Not having a car can be such a pain.