Sunday, July 12, 2009


Jon is getting the rental trailer from U-Haul on the 2nd of August! That's so soon. This whole moving in together, starting a new life in a new place with all it's joys and uncertainties THING, really hit me the other day. It's really happening. I'm out of college and it's time to be part of the world. I don't really know what that means beyond getting a job and paying bills. I'm not thrilled about the paying bills thing but I'm looking forward to having a job. Of course I can only say that because I have next to no job experience. That means getting my first job is going to be hard. No one wants to hire someone without experience and it seems very unlikely that I'll be able to find an art type job right away. I'm hoping to work at the Apple Store or maybe get a job at a little boutique or something. If I work at a little boutique maybe they'd be interested in selling my work. I want to keep making crafty stuff, keep working with resin and fabric and yarn but it's not going to pay my bills right now. I'm just not making any sales. I think being in a big city where I can do some serious not-on-the-internet networking might help but I don't know. I need to remember to give my friends my business cards so that they can hand them out when they get compliments on their resin stuff. I've given resin necklaces to a lot of my friends or sold them on for cheap because I love them but I need to eat. They say they get lots of compliments but I keep forgetting to give them business cards. I know where they live though! I'll send everyone some cards as soon as I can remember to do it. Yeah.

My mother made the suggestion of race coaching at the nearest ski resort. She said there's one about an hour outside of Boston. That's a really awesome idea. I fo sho want to ski as much as I can but Jon and I aren't going to have a car. Maybe there's a shuttle or something that goes every weekend or even just once in a while? I don't even know the name of the resort. I should find this stuff out. I would love to coach little girls in ski racing. I loved it, I learned so much and I'm sure I have lots to teach. I also know that having a female coach was one of the best and most important parts of racing for me. I met strong, intelligent women who could ski the pants off most guys. I met women who could stand up to a WHOLE bunch of men and maintain their poise. I really learned from those women. They understood that girls ski a little differently because they went through it. They know that having hips, boobs, and a butt change your balance. I learned by watching them, emulating the way they moved their bodies when they bombed down the hill. I wanted to be fast, strong, and confident. I'm at least strong and confident when I'm on my skiis. I never got all that fast but mostly that was fear of getting hurt. I can go pretty damn fast though. :D

We'll see what the future has in store when we get there. It's not time yet, there's nothing I can do to get a job right now. I'll try and use this time to write a résumé if I can figure out how to actually do that. I'll try to add anything I can think of on there as "special skills" like that I can speak some Japanese and I know how to make molds and cold cast. I can crochet and sew and pour resin. I know how to weld with acetaline. Arch welding startles me cause the spark makes a loud noise and the welding mask doesn't help cause you can hardly see a thing unless there's a spark. It's no good. I'll take acetaline any day. What else do I know how to do? I can draw! And I know more than your average bear about web design, Photoshop, and Illustrator. I can pick up new computer skills pretty fucking fast. I type like a dynamo! Whatever that means. I think it means I type really fast and well. I know how to do some video editing. I know how to etch and I could figure out how to screen print quickly. I understand everything about it in theory I've just never applied that knowledge to the practice of silkscreening.

I want to take all these skills and apply them to my own creative business. I want to make stuff for people to wear and enjoy. I want to do this mostly so that I have the cutest stuff around but I would love to share so that other people can have cutesy things too. I might make some stuff some day that isn't all that cute. It might be scary or weird or ugly even. I just want to make cool stuff that I would want to wear or own for other people to wear or own. I don't think I would ever make something that I wouldn't wear proudly on my own self.


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